Wolf Stove

Kitchen stoves are not exactly the best kitchen appliances for your kitchen. This is because of the fact that their small size and heating capacity restrict their use most of the time and more often than not, they are concealed by a huge gas range. But what if I tell you that you could have a gas stove without these drawbacks? Well, that is exactly the case with Wolf stoves.

Until recently, Wolf stove and Wolf stove parts have been deemed fit only for commercial establishments like restaurants or hotels due to their comparatively higher prices and amazing quality. But Wolf has worked hard to make sure that a Wolf stove becomes a part of your home too by adding features that you won’t normally find in a conventional stove. They have made sure that a Wolf stove is worth the price you pay and matches, if not exceeds your expectations easily.

Design of Wolf Stove

The design of Wolf Stove has been given special attention which is evident from the stacked stove design which saves on a lot of space and also gives your kitchen a style factor of its own. This design also means that you have the entire cooking control in your hands.

Wolf Stove Features

With their new residential range, a Wolf stove is sure to make its way in to your kitchen. Packed with so many features, you would not want to look for more. Some of these features are listed below.

  • It has additional safety features like safety locks to make sure that they are not left open by mistake.
  • It has the universal off key that makes it even safer.
  • It also features special indicators for hot surfaces to ensure that you don’t burn your hand while cooking.
  • The heat adjustment and the flame adjustment is pretty efficient and quick which again ensures maximum control in your hands.
  • Simmer management becomes a piece of cake since you can reduce the flame of each stove to its very minimum without any trouble whatsoever.
  • A majority of the Wolf stoves are pretty much the best there is as far as flame and boil management are concerned.
  • Also, you won’t have to worry about resetting the cooking modes for each stove as they re-ignite on your preferred settings.
  • They have sealed burners that makes cleaning easier. These burners ensure that nothing goes into these burners and chokes them. This makes Wolf appliances prices pretty much the easiest stoves to maintain and clean.
  • Some of them also feature high-BTU burners to give high temperatures almost instantaneously.