Wolf Appliances Prices

History of Wolf

The company that produces Wolf appliances is known for producing fine quality cooking appliances and kitchen systems for more than 70 years. Its kitchenware designs are known for their convenient and modern features that are best described as ahead of their time. With cooking equipment that are made to cater to the needs of hotels and restaurants, Wolf Appliances has been the ultimate partner of several businesses in attaining their success.

The acquisition of Wolf by the Sub-Zero Freezer company happened on March 2000. It was then that 2 leading brands of kitchen and preservation equipment came as one to be Sub-Zero Wolf Company. With Sub-Zero symbolizing all the potentialities of a kitchen, and Wolf Appliances serving as the epitome of what a kitchen can do; the 2 companies were able to create a brand that offers kitchen equipment that are not only made for commercial purposes but also those that can be used in homesWith maximum performance, great design, leading-edge in design, ultimate manufacturing procedures, and unmatched customer service; Wolf  Appliances is and continues to give superior quality in all their products.

Quality and Quantity

Wolf appliances prices are always compatible with their features and capabilities, which makes it easy to satisfy every customer, even the skeptics. Thus, it is not surprising that people all over the world will not think twice on buying Wolf appliances instead of discount appliances. 

The company has no plans of disappointing its huge clientele. True to their promise of providing utmost quality in all their merchandise, they continue to endeavor in making great innovations in their appliances. 

Through the years, it has continued to incorporate better technology into each Wolf appliance model, to meet the changing demands of its customers. If you are designing your kitchen and you have decided to purchase a complete kitchen package, quality and cost would most probably be your primary concern. However, you could easily afford Wolf appliances prices. Wolf offers a wide range of choices on different kitchen appliances. From cooking equipment to more, you are sure to find one that will fit your needs, tastes, and preferences.

To get an overview on what Wolf Appliances has in store for you, here is a list of some of the appliances that they manufacture.

Wolf Appliances Products

Wolf Oven

Wolf offers a wide assembly of ovens for you to choose from. Coming in different colors, designs, styles, and features; Wolf has everything you will look for in an oven. They have choices for ovens that can be either framed or unframed. With framed ovens, the glass is bordered and does not meet with the edge of the oven, while it is the opposite with the unframed models. One bestseller that Wolf has would be their Wolf D030FS.

Wolf D030FS

For those who are looking for a double wall oven, this model of Wolf oven is a thing of beauty and the best in its class, justifying the cost for Wolf appliances.

  • The design of this Wolf oven features a couple of convection ovens.
  • Its ovens are incorporated with concealed electronic controls, dual fans and hydraulic damper.
  • A spring hinge system makes the oven smooth to operate. Thus, there are no cold spots inside the oven and it perfectly holds the heat.
  • Its capacity cannot be criticized because it is simply huge. In fact, there would be no problem at all in cooking a large turkey.

Wolf Ranges

When it comes to cooking ranges, you can choose between a gas range and a dual fuel range. Wolf range pricing puts the dual fuel model around 1,200 dollars more than a comparable gas model, but you get an electric oven that is self-cleaning.

It also has electronic control located at the front, which is essential in maintaining a stable temperature for people who bake a lot.  Aside from Wolf appliances prices, those who are thinking of buying Wolf ranges frequently consider whether they would need to have a back riser along with their chosen cooking range. Technically, you do not have to use a back riser but your Wolf range would certainly look incomplete without it, as there would be a gaping area behind your kitchen appliance. A riser would also be useful if your back area is made from combustible material. However, if you really do not want a back riser and want your tile to be appreciated, choose the island trim that comes up to only around two inches.

Wolf Cooktops

Wolf Appliances Cooktops come in 3 types: Gas cooktop, electric cooktop, and induction cooktop.

  • Gas Cooktop: This cooktop is a classic model that has been loved by many. Added with so many features to make cooking more easier, this is surely an equipment that is sure to become a staple in many households. With designs that are sleek and stylish, revamping your kitchen is much easier with this cooktop.
  • Electric Cooktop: Since it runs on electricity, you do not have to think about buying gas again for this. Coming in different sizes, you are sure to find one that will fit your space. It is also packed with so many features that will ensure that your cooking experience will never be second best.
  • Induction cooktop: Eco-friendly, efficient, and energy-saving, this Wolf cooktop is the greenest among the 3 cooktops. Using induction to heat different goods, this cooktop also heats faster than other types, thus helping you save more on electricity/gas bills. Many consumers have switched to this kind of cooktop because of its many advantages.

Innovation has always been associated with Wolf appliances. With unmatched technical features and competitive Wolf appliances prices, they are the best that are on the market today. So anytime you want a kitchen makeover, you simply have to choose the model of your choice and enjoy all the cooking convenience that can only be found with Wolf.